Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Weekend Plans

I will be attending the Global Gathering, the Church of God (Anderson)'s world conference!

I'm really excited. My grandmother took me in 1999 (it was in Birmingham England that year) but I was 17 and in my rebellious phase so I don't feel like I took that much from it. Honestly, I don't remember attending more than one or two worship services. So when they announced that it was going to be in Anderson, where our church's headquarters are, this year, I practically registered on the spot.

I'll be leaving early Saturday morning to get there around noon or 1 pm and I'll return late Tuesday night. Four days of worship and fellowship with fellow CHOGers from around the world. There's going to be music, and a Global Expo of all the ministries we have all over the world (which I'm especially interested in), and of course several worship services and plenary sessions every day with speakers from around the world. There's going to be regional receptions and speakers from Christians Broadcasting Hope (radio ministry that has stations all over the world!) Sunday night, we'll participate in a global communion, and there's also a French-English worship service (which I'm really looking forward to!) They've also got a few 'connectors' planned where we can participate in service projects.

Told you I was excited. :) My bag's mostly packed and I've got directions, schedules, and lodgings all figured out.

Just have to get through two more days of work and then I get a vacation with my church family!

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